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Exploring the Future

The explorations of Lewis and Clark in the 19th century was honored with the Iconic Gateway Arch. Businesses in St. Louis have always been forward thinking, embracing the past while looking ahead to the future. We at ImageNet want to play a role in helping companies drive productivity through forward thinking technology.

Printing in the Third Dimension

3D Printing is the new dimension in printing. Educators are putting printing solutions in the hands of our future generations which allow design, creativity and engineering to come to life. Businesses are finding not only does 3D printing provide a design prototype but can manufacture end use product as well.

Did You Know?

Digital Displays come in many shapes and sizes. Our St. Louis office shows off a stretch display designed by LG. ImageNet’s Content on Demand software gives the end user the ability to design and manage content for digital displays.

The Cloud

File cabinets suspended from the ceiling demonstrate ImageNet’s ability to manage your documents and workflow. Why keep your documents in a hard to get to file cabinet when they can be easily managed with our Laserfiche software and stored where they can be easily retrieved from the cloud? The redundancy of storing your documents electronically allow your business to never have to worry about a disaster destroying years of work.