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Manufacturing requires technology to meet constant demand, stringent deadlines, and ever-evolving infrastructure needs.

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3D Printing

3D Printing Technology For Modern Manufacturing


Get Control of Your Processes with In-House 3D Printing


Outsourcing parts comes at a cost. Bring 3D printing in-house and gain full control over your processes - without the middleman.

  • Create custom replacement parts for your machines with easy-to-use 3D design software and in-house 3D printers.
  • Quickly 3D print tools, jigs, and fixtures to your exact specifications.
  • Reduce lead-times during every stage of your design process.


Faster Time-to-Market and Real Cost Savings


Manufacturing requires strict schedules and no delays in production. Produce more parts per day and reduce operational costs with 3D printing.

  • Optimize and increase daily output with maximized equipment uptime and productivity.
  • Utilize new, cheaper materials (filament) with Ultimaker and HP 3D printers
  • Realize better product quality, fine details, and textures with repeatable, consistent 3D prints.


Get Security Over Your Proprietary Designs


Secure every part of your process – from design to final part production – by keeping every step under one roof.

  • Prototyping and research & development are possible in-house with HP and Ultimaker's powerful 3D printing technology.
  • Secure conceptual designs with easy-to-use design software and in-house prototyping.
  • Go to market faster with multiple iterations and functional prototypes to eliminate design flaws.

ImageNet's 3D Printing solutions offer smarter, better, faster manufacturing with efficient time-to-market and cost-savings to empower your business.

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Managed IT

Technology and Cybersecurity for Smart Manufacturing


Increase Productivity with Up-to-Date Technology


Don't leave your business open to compromise. Get managed IT procedures that fit with your production schedule and ensures your technology is monitored, protected, and secure.

  • Patch management solutions delivered alongside your production/maintenance requirements.
  • Weekly testing procedures for software updates on your machines.
  • Network monitoring solves IoT and connected-device security issues.


Reliable Technology Solutions to Keep up with Production


Old systems open you to more risk and cost more to fix as they age. Our experts provide a path for updating your technology and a plan to keep your systems in compliance.

  • Our experts provide insight into the systems most at risk and provide insight on best practices for keeping your technology up-to-date.
  • Increase reliability with true server and network architecture.


Cloud Solutions and Smart Manufacturing


Industry 4.0 is here, and with it comes the need for smarter, more agile technology in every facet of your manufacturing business.

  • Standardize technology throughout your business.
  • Adopt cloud-based solutions for increased flexibility and better security measures.
  • Improve productivity with operational technology & advanced IT methods.

With ImageNet's Managed IT services, you get a trusted IT partner, the latest cybersecurity solutions, and thought leadership to pivot your manufacturing technology strategy when needed.

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