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Technology to Empower NonProfits

We know nonprofits require good infrastructure, systems, and technology to power your work. We're here to help you find the best-fit solutions for your budget and your mission.

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Ways We Help

Managed IT

Nonprofits need accountability and alignment in their cause. With ImageNet's Managed IT Services, your organization gets the technology, support, and training you need to continue your mission.


Outdated technology solutions are not aligned with current needs and hamper your outreach.


Updated infrastructure with Cloud and SaaS Solutions.

Managed IT Services provide the technology platform nonprofits require to grow, impact the community, and stay on mission.

  • Technology alignment with Cloud and SaaS solutions.
  • Updated technology infrastructure and get up to speed with networking.
  • A complete desktop refresh based on current usage and needs.


IT costs pile up when you're guessing at the services and technology you need – or left dealing unexpected downtime.


Lowered IT costs with a roadmap and budget based on your IT needs.

Your nonprofit organization deserves the best technology and IT services without the strain on your budget. Our IT and technology budgeting process helps you:

  • Craft your IT strategy and roadmap for the future
  • Align your IT spending with your fiscal year and spending
  • Assess your organization's utilization of current technology
    • For 501(c)(3) organizations – We'll help you leverage Office 365 and Microsoft's grants and discounts for nonprofits.


Piecemeal IT & security solutions don't address your diverse cybersecurity needs.


Holistic IT security services and an ongoing strategy built to grow with you.

Protecting your organization's data, and the personal data of your donors, volunteers, patients, and clients is instrumental to the future of your mission. Get comprehensive IT security with Managed IT Services. With MIT, you get:

  • A comprehensive network and risk assessment.
  • Visibility and control of your endpoint devices across your organization.
  • Cybersecurity governance to limit security vulnerabilities.
  • Comprehensive network security.


Without proper training on new technology, new systems are intimidating and under-utilized.


IT and technology training and education.

Every new piece of technology you introduce requires training and support. With ImageNet's Managed IT support and service team, you'll receive:

  • Technology training and support for your entire team.
  • Security training and a strategy to address the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Technology enables you to provide better care, improved services, and powerful outreach. We're here to custom fit that technology to your needs, while giving you and your team the support and training required to power your mission.

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Ways We Help

Managed Print Services

Modernize print management in your organization and save time, money, and resources better spent on outreach and community improvement.


Aging printers cost valuable resources better spent on your organizations' mission.


Realize cost savings and better efficiency throughout your document management with a print assessment and updated printer fleet.

An updated print fleet results in fewer printers needed, fewer maintenance calls, better print performance, improved document workflows and best of all – budget friendly printing.

  • Remove costly legacy print and fax technology.
  • Modern printers offer smart features like scan-to-email or scan-to-cloud.
  • Improve document and device security with firmware updates and fewer security issues.


Data compliance is compromised by documents with protected information left at the printer.


Smart print security tools stops forgotten or misprinted documents and alleviates risk.

Managed Print Services implements secure printing policies and utilizes features like badge or Follow Me printing to ensure documents – and data - stay secure.

  • Easy-to-use, secure solutions with complete visibility and control of your network printers and how your users print to them.
  • Automation allowing user self-service while limiting security vulnerabilities.
  • Badge printing or Follow-me printing secures documents.

Learn more about how our Managed Print Services, with support from partners like PaperCut and XMedius, help you save money and stay focused on your mission.

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